New Year – New You?

Dec 31 2015

New Year – New You..right?

So, we are at that time of year again – the end; also commonly known as a new beginning.

Many of us will take time to reflect and think of all the things we achieved or didn’t quite fulfill in 2015, and these may inform our goals for the New Year!

Whatever it is you want to achieve in 2016 take some advice, some I wish I had been given a long time ago, and it maybe simple but it really does work. Why wait till the New Year? Do one small thing to get you started as soon a possible.

What do I mean by ‘one small thing’?

Let me give you an example – one year I was berating my lack of action around some personal development I had wanted to achieve for over two years! What was stopping me? Why was I being so pathetic? I listened to my own internal dialogue – the voice in my head – the feeble excuses of; my diary is always so full, I never get time to focus on me, I never know when the courses are! Suddenly I had a simple thought – why don’t I check the dates of the course for the coming year right now – then I will know when the dates are and put them in my diary for the year ahead! (Embarrassing really  – this was not rocket science!)

But that one small action; took less than two minutes on my laptop, and got me moving. Over the next three years I went on to achieve my NLP accreditations right up to and including becoming a Master NLP Practitioner.

What did I learn from this? One small step in the right direction got me moving, it started the momentum and I didn’t stop.

Here’s my checklist for goal setting at any time of the year!

  1. What ever I want, can I state it in the positive?
  2. Can I associate it with all my senses?
  3. Does it fit with who I am?
  4. Is it a win-win? For me and all around me?
  5. Am I prepared to pay the price?
  6. Is it a step in the right direction, and what is that first small step?

Have a great New Year, and go and get what you want! Not just in 2016.

And I look forward to the prospect of meeting some of you in the coming year.



  • “Annie is an exceptional coach, mentor and trainer/facilitator. Having attended one of her courses on coaching and mentoring I was fortunate and privileged to be able to join her as co-coach for further training and saw for myself the dedication and attention to detail she puts into her work. Her heightened sense of perception ensures that everything she does meets the needs of those around her. Annie is highly motivating and always shows an innate belief that each of us has the potential to achieve our goals, especially when we think we can't! She is professional and a role model for a "can do" attitude and continues to inspire me in my coaching.”

  • “Annie is the consumate professional. She provides measurable Executive Coaching interventions in a very personable style.”

    MD of Utilities Company
  • “Annie balances a professional approach with a warm and caring attitude, and this is evident in the workshops we have run together. She is fun to work with and focuses on generating great results for her clients.”

    Development Consultant
  • “Annie is an engaging, authentic and warm hearted workshop leader. She is the consummate professional in that she delivers to the brief, exceeds expectations and has boundless energy and enthusiasm that captures the attention and interest of the participants. As an executive coach, Annie truly connects with her clients and brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to the sessions which ensures clients leave feeling that they got great value and are able to achieve exceptional results.”

    HR Director IT Company
  • “I have worked with Annie as a client both professionally in my capacity of Learning and Development Director at Centrica and personally as a professional, personal to me on a coaching programme. Annie is empathetic, professional and a great coach, I would recommend her to any client or company.”

    Learning & Development Director, Centrica
  • “The coaching was excellent and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to grow in their professional environment.”

    Director at Open University
  • “The coach was very relaxed and could immediately empathise with any given situation, whilst being able to give constructive help. Annie very quickly grasped where my strengths and weaknesses lay and could gauge challenging situations very well – only an experienced coach can do this.”

    MD Financial Services
  • “Annie’s challenges enforced reflection on my thought processes and therefore my behaviour patterns. A very satisfying experience.”

    Director Open University
  • “Quantum have provided a very professional and friendly service. The requirements we have requested have been very specific and individual to our companies needs, and Quantum have gone out of their way to understand these requirements and organise and develop the training accordingly. Annie Richardson is always very professional and is also well received by all those who attend her courses. Quantum is a delight to work with and I would strongly recommend their services to anyone wishing to develop their company’s development initiatives further.”

    ICRH Group Leader, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy
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